Building Package General Info

Although every owner has the freedom to design and build his own private lodge, subject to the Building & Architectural Guidelines, various building package designs and contractor services are available to simplify the process of design and construction.

The first step in this exciting process is to decide whether the existing building package designs (or variations thereof) suit your needs, alternatively your private lodge may be of own design to satisfy your unique needs and may even be a timber lodge.


It advisable to undertake a site visit in the early stages of the planning process to determine the house position with the help of the Developer (HOA representative), in order to incorporate special features into the design and impose as little as possible on the natural environment.

Building Package option

The building package units were designed by Stefan Wille, the Architect also contracted to the Shona Langa Home Owners Association (Architectural Sub-committee) who is responsible for HOA plan approvals.

All the units were designed in conjunction with the Building & Architectural Guidelines, as cost-effective recreational units, with the focus on outdoor living to optimize the bush experience. Alterations to the existing designs may be made by consulting the Architect.

The design cost is included in the total building package price, but alterations will be charged for by the Architect on a time basis.

Own Design option

This process will start with the appointment of an Architect to design your unique lodge in conjunction with the Building & Architectural Guidelines. The HOA contracted Architect, Stefan Wille, may also be appointed to do the design.

Stefan Wille or Jac Steijn can be contacted on 082 5577 419 / 079 898 5728 or (012) 361 8066 or /


As stipulated in Building & Architectural Guidelines all plans must be approved by the HOA and the Local Authority, Thabazimbi Municipality, before commencement of construction.

When the design is finalized, plans must be submitted together with the Plan Approval Application Form (attached to the Building & Architectural Guidelines) to the HOA contracted Architect, Stefan Wille.

Once approved by the HOA, the plans must be submitted to Thabazimbi Municipality for approval.

On approval, by the Thabazimbi Municipality, one set of approved plans must be submitted together with the Contractor’s Registration Form (attached to the Building & Architectural Guidelines) to the HOA before construction can commence.


The approved plans must now be given to one or more of the accredited Contractors, as discussed below, for quotations.

The accredited Contractors are well informed on all items required for the complete project and will include all such items, at competitive rates, in a set quote format for easy comparison and negotiation.

On acceptance of the quotation, a building contract must be signed between the Owner and the Contractor, detailing the breakdown of all project costs and scope of work. A copy of the contract must be submitted to the Developer for future reference and progress of the project.


Due to security and logistical reasons, it is in the interest of all home owners that only a limited number of Contractors be authorized to work at Shona Langa.

Therefore only accredited Contractors will be permitted to build at Shona Langa. Following a process of elimination by the Developer, a limited number of Contractors have been accredited to ensure a high standard of workmanship and adherence to the Rules & Regulations. All the current accredited Contractors are NHBRC registered, have an existing company infrastructure, support structures including sub-contractors and professionals as well as references of similar projects.

All Contractors are continuously evaluated throughout the building process. This evaluation includes feedback from Owners, adherence to Rules & Regulations and general performance on individual projects. Unsatisfactory evaluations will result in the Contractor losing his accreditation.

It remains the Owner’s responsibility to appoint the Contractor.

If, for some specific and valid reason, the Owner wishes to use another Contractor, this Contractor must first be accredited by the Developer in order to undertake any construction at Shona Langa. The process of accreditation involves the scrutinizing and verification of the Contractor’s credentials. Please contact the Developer for more information.

Owner building will only be permitted in exceptional cases, subject to approval by the Developer and HOA, due to practical and logistical reasons which may complicate and frustrate the process.


Whether you choose a Building Package design option or a uniquely designed lodge we look forward to assist you in realizing your dream to own your private and exclusive getaway lodge deep in the wilderness and splendour of the South African Bushveld.